Foot Doctor / Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)

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The touch of professional hands

People are reluctant to see a doctor for a variety of reasons-- lack of funds or health insurance, lack of time, fear, or mistrust of the medical community, or (most commonly) a hope that the problem will eventually go away on its own. 

Plantar fasciitis is a notorious loiterer and often it requires multiple methods of treatment to accomplish complete healing.  I want to encourage you that you can be free of your heel pain, but for some people that freedom just may require the touch of professional hands.  

When in doubt, always take action for your health and your body by scheduling an evaluation with a licensed physician.  ​

A PODIATRIST is a licensed physician who treats foot and ankle problems

A Podiatrist will have the necessary treatment options, supplies, and equipment readily available in their office to treat plantar fasciitis and will simultaneously diagnose and treat possible other underlying conditions or problems contributing to your foot pain.  

After your first visit, your doctor will want to see you back for a follow-up appointment to insure you are progressing favorably.  Your feedback is very important to your physician.  There are many different treatment pathways to healing plantar fasciitis. Your podiatrist can add and alter treatment strategies to insure your progress. 

Killing Heel Pain: Your Final Freedom from Plantar Fasciitis

is a user-friendly guide for anyone with plantar fasciitis, whether you are currently being treated by a physician or you are  hoping not to require an appointment.